All Skaters, Players, Parents, Coaches and other entrants are required to follow the required Rink rules, regulations, and guidelines. If you are unable to abide by any of these guidelines, please do not visit our facility. Our new policies and procedures will be enforced at all times. Any entrants who do not follow our new policies will be asked to leave the facility.

Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting procedures are now in place. Staff will be disinfecting high touch areas between each session. All employees have been trained and will be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment during their shifts.

Masks are required at all times when inside the facility by everyone.

Masks are NOT required on the ice.

A Waiver of Liability must be signed when you enter the rink each and every time you visit.

Participants may be accompanied by one additional person only.

Skaters and players should arrive dressed and must wait outside in their vehicles until 15-20 minutes before their scheduled session. Skaters and players will have 15 minutes to vacate the facility following the end of their session.

Currently, we are allowed to offer limited programs that allow for continuous social distancing.


  • Freestyle
  • Figure Skating / Private Lessons
  • Stick Time – Reservation Only
  • Hockey Private Lessons
  • Adult Hockey Clinics
  • Youth Hockey Clinics
  • Private Ice Sessions

Programs and activities that we are not offering for the time being include…


  • Public Skating
  • Birthday Parties
  • Adult & Youth Hockey League Games
  • Skating School

At this time the rink will only allow LAKVIC COACHES only during freestyles. Their will be no guest coaches allowed.

The number of people on the ice is restricted, so we welcome reservations on a first come, first serve basis. 

To reserve a space for a Freestyle or Stick Time, send us an email at Be sure to let us know the date/time of the session you’re interested in attending.

No-shows may be refused a later reservation.

Skate School/Freestyle punch cards are not valid at this time

*Please be patient and understand, as we do, that our irregular staffing hours during this time may make this a bit challenging for all of us.

All sales final. No refunds.These Policies and Procedures will be modified and updated as conditions change. 


**UPDATE 7/6/20

Dear loyal LAKVIC Customers and Ice skaters,

We want to update you on how and why some of our procedures are changing again due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in California. 

Beginning Monday, July 6th, masks will be required at all times throughout the facility, including worn by COACHES while you are on the ice teaching.

Masks are not mandatory for skaters to wear while on the ice skating but are recommended.

Any breathable mask is acceptable, as long as your nose and mouth are both fully covered. You may lower your mask beneath your nose when necessary as long as you are social distancing from others. It may take a while to get adjusted to coaching/skating with a mask on, so we recommend taking it a little slower your first few times out there. 


We have designated a changing area in the rear gated in area of our facility

Locker Rooms are now permanently closed except for goalies and female skaters who may need a changing room.

Skaters will now get changed out back, walk around to the front entrance of the rink where you will get a temperature check and sign a waiver before paying and entering.

When you are done skating, the exit door will be located on the side of the building

Their will be NO entering and exiting through the same door.

We want to make sure we’re doing everything possible to prevent cross contamination. While it’s unappealing and may be uncomfortable to wear a mask on the ice, it will be worth it to follow these procedures in the event that a new case appears. We have to preemptively make these choices so that we can protect everyone as best we can. We assure you that it’s not about politics and opinions, it’s about getting ahead of this by taking every precaution to our best ability. We want to be preventative rather than chasing something after the fact.

We can be shut down if LA County health officials feel like we’re transmitting the virus within the facility, and we want to stay open for you and the rest of our skaters. 

If you are uncomfortable being in the ice arena at this time or cannot wear a mask while coaching, please wait until the restrictions are lifted before coming back to the rink. We and your fellow skaters will not hold it against you.

Thank you for your understanding, and for helping to keep our rink as safe as we can possibly make it.


LAKVIC Management